ETHRA Transportation Program designated as Both Rural and Urban Provider

Mike Patterson, ETHRA’s Transportation Director, received official notification last month from Dr. Yvette Taylor, Federal Transit Administration Regional Administrator, congratulating ETHRA on the successful submission and approval of the New Grantee Process and being designated as an Urban Public Transit System in the Knoxville and Morristown urbanized areas. ETHRA is the only Human Resource Agency in Tennessee to be designated as both an Urban and Rural public transit demand and response provider.

With the Urban Provider designation, ETHRA will be able to serve the general public without the dramatic effect of population shifts in future US Census data as related to urban vs rural population boundaries.  As the urban area grows, ETHRA will not be required to obtain any additional designations and will be recognized by FTA and TDOT as an urban transit system.

Mike states, “The process was very detailed and I am very pleased we have our urban designation.  Without the support of the City and County Mayors of Anderson, Blount, Knox, Loudon and Sevier counties this would not have been possible.”  Mike and Gary Holiway, ETHRA Executive Director, especially recognize and appreciate Mayor Rogero, her administrative staff, Knoxville City Council and the Knoxville Transportation Planning Organization for their support and recommendation for ETHRA to obtain this designation.