Request for Proposal for One Stop Operater

ETHRA is seeking requests for proposals (RFP) for the Local Workforce Development Board Area 4 (LWDA4) One Stop Operator under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.  The purpose of this RFP is to identify and fund an entity to manage and coordinate service delivery in the American Job Center One Stop in a functional arrangement where all partners are working together in a manner that ensures the provision of excellent business services and job seeker services.  This proposal will cover all American Job Center in Anderson, Blount, Campbell, Cumberland, Loudon, Monroe, Morgan, Roane, and Scott.

The RFP describes the types of services that are required under the contract including overseeing management of the one-stop and service delivery, evaluating performance including customer service and performance measures, coordination and information flow, training, liaison, and others.

If you are interested insubmitting a bid for operator of the ONe Stop, please contact Kay Norton, Procurement Officer for ETHRA, at

Responses must be prepared and submitted in accordance with the requirements and time frames in the RFP.