Snow Schedules !

Picture of Snow Schedules !

Some time during the winter we are sure to have ice and snow in some of our East Tennessee counties.  We want our employees and our customers to be safe and warm during these times.  If you have an appointment in one of ETHRA's many offices, please call the office ahead of time to assure someone is there if the weather is bad.  Our employees try to get to the offices but sometimes hazardous streets can keep them away. 

If you have a ride scheduled with our transportation program you can call our WEATHER LINE for TRANSPORTATION to hear a recorded message about whether or not the vans are running in your area on that day.  The weather line is updated as soon as we know about cancelled routes and should be complete by 7:00am.  Be sure to call the DAY OF YOUR TRIP after 7:00am. 

The number is 877-821-6232.