Support Senior Services in Your Community

Picture of Support Senior Services in Your Community

Senior Services Day.  That means a portion of the Ticket price goes to senior services in the County you designate

Via Web ticket purchases at you will see a drop-down box with a list of counties.  Click the box and select the county you want your ticket proceeds to go to.

If you contact the Smokies Call Center at 865-286-2300 you can communicate your county of preference to the folks there.

Please keep this in mind:  This Ball Game is for ALL generations to enjoy  … young / old / in between …  ALL Ages are welcome to attend!

There are two opportunities for Sponsorships … for agencies, entities, companies, etc.  One is a Booth on the concourse, the other is mentions on the Jumbotron.  Details are in the attachment.  Proceeds from either of these also go to your county of choice to support senior services there.

Game Day -Concourse Booth Display
Educate our fans with a six-foot table table display on our main concourse in a high-traffic area. Distribute information and even raffle off a great item for data collection on your night. The Smokies provide you with a six-foot table, chairs, and ten ticket vouchers for your game. Setup is required 30 minutes prior to the gates opening.

Sunday - Thursday
- 3,528 average nightly attendance
- $350 for main concourse booth
- $175 to Smokies / $175 to cause
Friday - Saturday
- 6,056 average nightly attendance
- $500 for main concourse booth
- $250 to Smokies / $250 to cause

Promotions - Half-Inning Sponsor
One of the main reasons fans look to the video board is for updated stats on the batter at the plate. As a half inning sponsor, you will be introduced at the start of the inning (see top photo - Food City) and your logo will be next to headshot of every player up to bat that inning (see
bottom photo - Pilot).
- Includes :15 second video commercial or static logo and read
- Typically sold on half or full season basis
- Special one-game option available includes
- $75 to Smokies / $75 to cause
- Receive one (1) half inning for one game