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Since 1973, our mission is to help families and individuals remain independent with opportunities to succeed.

Real Services. Real Heart. Real Impact.

ETHRA is about real people. People from all corners of our communities and from all walks of life. People who need help and those who give it. People who care and share and give back to their community. People who work hand in hand with friends and neighbors.
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Meals Served
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People Transported
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Elderly & Disabled Served

Ways We Serve Our Community

Public Transportation

If you do not have a car or can no longer drive, ETHRA is represented in the van driver who thoughtfully helps their customers go to the doctor or even grocery shop.

Students and Unemployed

If you are a teenager, ETHRA partners with your local recreation center and provides lunch in the summer for low income areas. If you are looking for a job, you might connect with ETHRA staff at the 9 local Career Centers.

City and County Governments

If you represent county and city governments, ETHRA might be the group you know as providing correctional and probation supervision that allows you to control your jail population and costs with alternative sentencing programs.

State Government

ETHRA connects with Departments of Human Services, Probation and Parole, Children's Services, Transportation, Agriculture, Workforce and Labor, etc. and provides regional delivery of services for the people of Tennessee.
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