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Nov 13, 2023

Through this Request for Proposal (RFP) opportunity, the East Tennessee Human Resource Agency (ETHRA) wishes to select a single organization to provide managed IT services including (but not limited to) 24/7 upper-tier support as needed for infrastructure, disaster recover support for servers, workstations, and data, and maintaining a virtualization environment and storage with off-site fail-over.

Bids can be placed via the information packet below. Please read carefully before submission.


OPEN DATE FOR BID PROPOSALS: November 13 - December 29, 2023




  • Would we be providing RMM Services? Yes
    • Can we monitor the machines with our agent? Yes
    • Who will be handling patching? ETHRA will be patching the servers.
    • Who will handle alerting for problem conditions? Third party service provider will handle alerts as part of the monitoring.
    • Who is responsible for remediating problem conditions as they arise? Once alert is reported, ETHRA will review and if need assistance, we will notify third party provider and be charged based on hourly rate.


  • Some general details on the current DR plan.
    • Is there a full DR site with replication? Yes, currently our third party provider is providing the DR site with off site backups. If a DR situation would arise, we would need the third party provider to be able to spin up our environment off site (Not charged for resources until needed) until we’re able to get new hardware in.
    • Is there a BCDR (datto style) setup on-site? We have a Rubrik back up appliance on site we’re leasing through current third party provider. Details in RFP.
    • Who handles DR testing? ETHRA will handle DR testing but would like for third party service provider to provide a DR test environment if possible. (Once a year testing)


  • Is there a current helpdesk in place or would we be providing that as well? ETHRA handles all of the helpdesk tickets.


  • Are there any remote locations that require support as well? We have remote locations, but ETHRA will handle those.


  • Is there active support on all core infrastructure hardware and software? Yes


  • What is the size and structure of the in-house team? 5 IT members, IT Director, 2 Sys / Network Admin., 2 support analysts