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ETHRA Transit 2017 Roadeo

May 8, 2017

ETHRA recently held its annual Van Roadeo in the parking lot of the agency's home office in Knoxville. If you were in the Cedar Bluff area that Saturday morning you may have witnessed the buzz of anticipation as the procession of 75 vans arrived for the four-hour training.

The ETHRA Van Roadeo is a great opportunity to provide some well­ deserved operator’s recognition while promoting safety and professionalism. The Roadeo is ETHRA’s way of selecting the best van operators to compete in the Tennessee Public Transportation Association (TPTA) annual Roadeo event.

The competing operators drive a van through a test course marked with traffic cones that simulate various situations encountered on the road.Competing operators are expected to meet Roadeo qualifications by maintaining good attendance and a safe driving record. The best transit operators and mechanics in the state will assemble in Nashville this year to match skills and problem solving abilities to be able to call themselves Tennessee’s best.

The Transportation Safety Department announced the winners for the competition.  Congratulations to our van operators:

1st Place : Bryan Freels
2. David Eldridge
3. Josh Dyer 
4. Chesney Williams
5. Dillion Carroll
6. Jimmy Vance
7. David West
8. Carl Smith
9. Dariel Watson
10.Terry Davis