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Santas for Seniors Program Seeking Sponsors!

Dec 2, 2019

It's that time of the year again and the winter holidays are almost upon us! 

To bring more Christmas cheer into the season, ETHRA's Area Office on Aging in Campbell County is running a Santa for Seniors event. Similar to the Angel Tree Christmas program, Santa for Seniors provides gifts for home-bound or low-income seniors in Campbell County, Tennessee. In most cases, the recipients of these gifts have no family in the area and many times, these individuals would otherwise have little to no Christmas at all.

Here is how the program works:

  • Participants must have been nominated to write a “Santa Letter.” While these referrals have been made through the Campbell County AOOA, if there is someone you would like to see put on the list you can contact the program coordinator - Becky Piece -  as soon as possible!
  • Nominated seniors write a wish list for Santa. Those lists will be divided up among sponsors.
  • Senior Santa recipients are anonymous. An ID number is assigned with the wish list given to the sponsors.
  • All items are returned to the ETHRA office wrapped (if possible) with the ID number on the gift.
  • Gifts will be picked up and distributed by the agencies that have been chosen to nominate the seniors leading up to Christmas Day.
  • Gifts will have to be dropped off at the Campbell County ETHRA office by Dec. 16 to allow time for delivery.



If you would like to be a Senior Santa, you can contact Becky Pierce at or 865.705.9675 for more information about the program! 

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