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Alcohol & Drug Assessments

Evaluations by a licensed alcohol and drug abuse counselor.

If you have been ordered by the courts, Department of Children Services, Probation, etc. to get an alcohol and drug assessment contact us to schedule a complete evaluation. 

The evaluation will be a face to face interview with our Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor.  We use an ASI program to obtain a person’s history including the medical health, employment/education, alcohol and drug use, legal status, family, social, and mental health history.  The DSM V will be used for the diagnosis and referrals will be made if appropriate. 

The interview usually takes about one hour to complete.   The cost for this service is $75.00.  You may contact your local ETHRA office and ask one of our misdemeanor officers to add you to the A & D assessment schedule or you may contact Sherry Gwyn at 865-659-5182.


Sherry Gwyn 865.659.5182

Counties Served

Campbell County, Knox County, Grainger County, Loudon County