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DUI Driver Training

DUI education classes use the Prime for Life curriculum

DUI Driver Training

ETHRA's DUI School uses the Prime for Life curriculum, which is the ONLY DUI curriculum accepted by the State of Tennessee to reinstate a driver’s license that has been revoked by a DUI offense.  ETHRA is a state-approved licensed provider of the DUI program.  All instructors are certified in the Prime for Life curriculum.

The course is a 12-hour class starting at 8:00 am.  The cost is $150 payable to ETHRA by money order or cashier check only - NO CASH.

We welcome the public to participate in DUI School currently offering in the ETHRA offices. Call to reserve a seat.

  • Campbell  (423) 562-2948 ext 5209
  • Claiborne  (423) 973-3669 ext 5306
  • Grainger  (865) 774-3014 ext 6802
  • Hamblen  (423)587-6511 ext 4913
  • Jefferson  (865) 397-1085 ext 6002
  • Loudon  (865) 408-1775 ext 6206
  • Morgan  (423) 442-5311 ext 6505
  • Sevier  (865) 774-3014 ext 6802
  • Union  (865) 992-8816 ext 6907


Program Quick Stats


hours of classwork


Local ETHRA County Office


$145 payable to ETHRA by money order or cashier check only - NO CASH.

Counties Served

Claiborne County, Campbell County, Morgan County, Grainger County, Hamblen County, Jefferson County, Loudon County, Sevier County, Union County

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