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Community Corrections Program

The Community Corrections Programs were created to divert felony offenders from the Tennessee Prison system and to provide necessary supervision and service to the offenders with the goal of reducing the probability of continued criminal behavior while maintaining the safety of the community.

The State of Tennessee special legislative session in 1985 created the Community Corrections Program to reduce prison overcrowding. Community Corrections offers local courts increased options, assists victims through collection of restitution, provides public community service work to local governments, and avoids additional tax costs for Tennessee taxpayers. The average costs are less than $5 per day for Community Corrections versus the higher costs of $30 per day for incarceration. The Program leaves space in the jails and prisons for violent and repeat offenders.

The offenders are expected to live at home, support their families, work, and attend treatment programs as available. The Community Corrections Programs statewide have a successful termination rate of over 50%. Successful terminations are reviewed after one year and fewer than 10% have been convicted of a new felony.

ETHRA serves Criminal Courts in six Judicial Districts and 19 counties in East Tennessee. The felon is sentenced to the program by the Judge and agrees to abide by the rules and regulations of the program.


Program Quick Stats


Counties served by Community Corrections


Assigned felons in the 19-county area


Linda Brooks
Community Corrections Director
(865) 691-2551  ext 4247


Grants from the Tennessee Department of Corrections


Counties Served

Blount County, Claiborne County, Campbell County, Anderson County, Morgan County, Cocke County, Fentress County, Grainger County, Greene County, Hamblen County, Hancock County, Hawkins County, Jefferson County, Loudon County, Meigs County, Roane County, Scott County, Sevier County, Union County