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Summer Food

Assures that during the summer months children have access to nutritious meals, as they do during the school year through the school lunch/breakfast program.

Summer Food


Feeding sites are established throughout the counties based on school/housing information. Any child under the age of 18 can eat at any approved feeding site established. There are no income guidelines for the child.

Explanation of Services

ETHRA is provided funds through USDA and DHS. ETHRA contracts with school food services or private food vendors to prepare meals for the approved feeding sites. Feeding sites are established throughout the counties and training is provided for each site. Each feeding site orders the number of meals that they need each day. Children from the community come to the feeding sites and are provided a complete meal each weekday at no charge. Meals are provided only during the months that school is out of session. The summer feeding program ends when school begins in the fall.


  1. To assure that all children are receiving good nutritious meals on a daily basis.
  2. To assure that meals are served in a clean and safe environment and that food is prepared and handled properly.
  3. To develop enough feeding sites to meet the need of the area.

Program Quick Stats


Children fed last year


Meals served last year


Feeding Sites


Veronica Stephens
(865) 691-2551 ext 4229

Funding Sources

Grant through Tennessee Department of Human Services and U.S. Department of Agriculture

Helping to Serve


Counties Served

Blount County, Claiborne County, Campbell County, Anderson County, Cocke County, Grainger County, Greene County, Jefferson County, Roane County, Scott County, Sevier County, Union County

Resources to Download

  • 2020 Summer Food Program Waiver Request Meal Time Restrictions Waiver Request